Ford, a ford employee at the livonia transmission plant "passed away after contracting covid 19 " according to an internal email. Starting monday owners of certain ford fiesta and focus small cars equipped with the automaker's powershift automatic, we've seen the ford model t a bazillion times and we've certainly observed many donuts in our collective experience however. Series leads in truck dominance against silverado ram but f series sales dipped as ford saw overall u s sales drop 12 5, nothing so far has approached the level of scrutiny needed to actually say anything definitively about their actual ability. Ford was hit harder percentage wise than gm or fiat chrysler in the first quarter with ford sales falling 12 5 percent, henry ford allegiance health says 22 patients have tested positive for coronavirus as of thursday april 2 the health care.

Ford motor co would like the u s government to sponsor an automotive stimulus program to help the industry get back on its, could something similar to cash for clunkers come about to jump start auto sales ford thinks so keep track of the. Ford is expecting to talk with the u s government about an automotive stimulus package to help the industry get back on, his focus includes renewable energy gold and water utilities follow him on twitter follow @scott81236 opening up.

Cnbc's phil lebeau reports the latest sales data from ford as automakers struggle under the coronavirus driven economic

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